Obligatory "am I datable or not" question?

I'm aware that I will never get a second glance from guys passing by me on the street. That being said, does personality make up for a 5 rating?

Part two to this question:

What are your top personality traits that you look for in a significant other then?


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  • A 5 rating is average, and is still attractive to most guys. Also personality does count for a lot.

    • What do you think is a good personality?

    • It depends on what the guy is looking for. What I love, another man might hate. Things I like are funny, supportive, clingy. Other guys often find those things annoying.

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  • All you need to do is really be confident about yourself.
    If we really like some girl, we sometimes do shy away and don't look her in the eye.
    As far as your personality goes, there is more to it than your looks and no one can gauge your personality by just looking at you.
    Don't worry too much about it. You will find someone

  • To me, personality is huge! If I can't get along with a girl well enough that I can be sarcastic and joke around her then she is not for me. Some girls that are really attractive but just don't have a good personality. I'm sure you will find someone who likes you for being you. Hope this helps!

  • Personality is the thing that will hold you together more so than looks.
    My personality needs are:funny, cheerful, understanding, and kind.
    I don't care how pretty a girl is, I have to relate to her on an emotional and bonding level.

  • yes, it can. Average girl with an above average personality would attract me


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  • If you have a VERY GOOD personality - you can get almost any guy who has an equally good personality. If you are just average or below average in personality than looks matter a lot but looks aren't as important as personality.

    • But what actually constitutes as a "good personality"? Do you think you have a good personality?

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    • But wait -- that's being a good person. Would that be the same as having a good personality? Cuz like, I don't think I have a good personality but I do think I'm a good person. I don't steal kills, I will replace toilet paper, and I ask before I kill the bottle.

    • I guess a good person has integrity and dignity.

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