How do I confront him?

I am going to talk to this guy, who I know still likes me (but he broke up with me last month saying he liked me as just a friend... it is all a long story). Story short: he still likes me and I want to tell him what I think about it.
I think that if he continues to just flirt and not do anything about having a relationship with me, then, to put it lightly, I will need him to stop if he is expecting me to get over him. And I don't want to be caught in a limbo of a flirt-fest so to say. I also want him to know that I would rather love and lose rather than not to have loved at all (if you get what that means). (Let's say one of his breakup reasons was that he didn't want to get attached, since he is a senior and I am a sophomore, and end up hurting me if we have to break up at the end of this year.) Also, I want him to know that if he is worried about the future of the relationship that we will get there when we get there.

I just don't know how to bring it up to him or ask him without coming of desperate or clingy. I also don't want to sound bitchy, and I don't know how to tell him I know he likes me- cause I don't think he knows I know. (One of our close friends told me after they had a talk with him, and I don't want something to happen with their friendship with the fact that they came and told me because they thought I deserved to know.)


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  • When is this being adapted into a movie? Ok, just joking.

    There's really no fool proof way to approach a situation like this. But I do think confidence is key. If you go in their all apologetic and unsure, you are most likely going to get either steam rolled, or leave feeling more confused. I suggest you tell him that you want to talk about something. Don't just drop the bomb on him. If you catch him of guard and he feel you are attacking him, the chances are he will attack back. It would be better if he is in a relaxed state and doesn't feel threatened. That why I think you should ask to talk first, and then calmly explain while still being honest and true to your feeling. Don't downplay how you feel. Now if for some reason he doesn't make time for him, well then that says a lot already.

    And don't be scared to sound 'bitchy'. Going in all nice and shy won't help in this situation. A reality shock met help wake him up if he is perhaps too chilled about the whole situation. Like I said, communication really is key. We sometimes spend so much time thinking about what to say, that we actually end up never talking at all.

    There isn't a perfect situation, only perfect love. And two people's love for each other are tested when the heat is on. So see this as the perfect test.

    Hope For The Best :)


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