How to get a fair shot with her?

Met my perfect 10 last week. Hung out with her for a while and got her number. She is such a genuine person, and we share a lot of common interests; i have fallen for her, and she seemed to show some interest in me. Our texts have been lackluster, but we always stop each other and talk when we see each other on campus. She is definitely out of my "league", and really extroverted. I'm more of an introvert with average-ish looks. She is always "busy" when i propose meetups, and we have not hung out since we met. All i want is to have a fair shot with her. I just dont know what to do to peak her interest in me again. I just need some tips to help me start, then i can take over from there. Please! Any suggestions would be helpful! :)


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  • She's busy. As in she's not interested


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