How do I know for sure I'm dating him for the right reasons?

Its been about a month now that I have been with my boyfriend, but for some reason lately I've been thinking to myself I'm not to sure if I'm dating him for the right reasons.. Everyday I have been hanging out with him, and Everyday I get mad at him, basically over nothing.. I've been hearing a lot about others girls too what happened between them before we dated which really p*sses me off, because those girls were "my friends". But that's not the only thing, my sister has been involved in a few of those too, I think the only reason I'm dating this guy is because I know in a minute that when were over, my sister , & friends will be doing a whole bunch of crap with him, & I know he'll let them to p*ss me off, I have talked to my sister about this & she told me she wont, but when she gets drunk that a different story. He told me so many times he won't do stuff with other girls cause he loves me. But I'm not to sure I feel the same.. but in the end I become jealous.? how do I solve this problem? any advice , I would be glad to hear.


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