So sad! again I'm ignored?

Do you think I'm just forcing myself to things. I'm really hurt because my simple greeting can't be acknowledged by the person I like, even a simple "thank you" could mean a lot to me. I just don't want to be ignored like that.

He suddenly changed andI don't know why he suddenly just totally ignored me. Do you think I should just forget about him completely?

What should I do? this is killing me.

TheHonestMan= I'm too shy, I don't want to come off clingy.


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  • You shouldn't do / say things you know will be ignored. Try to do what he isdoing, ignore him completely, if he doesn't seem to care at all just forget him, he doesn't like you then

    • aww this is really killing me. I don't even know what did i do wrong coz, we talk normally before like everything's seemed great, everything's so natural between us. And suddenly drifted apart. Why can't he say it straight rather than leave me hanging like that. OMG!

    • You can try, I'm not saying it will work and there's a pretty good chance he will ignore you again if you do, but you can try to ask him straight up: "Hey, you've been ignoring me lately, what's your reason for it?" And if he tries to ignore you, just push further saying "I'm talking to you, it's normal to respond when people do that" and just keep going for a bit.

      If he won't give you a reason now, then he isn't worth your time for sure.

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  • Ignore him too. You might be hurt at first but it'll get easier if you just move on. If he's not showing any interest towards you, let alone can't be kind while you are, don't pursue him.

    • ohh this is really tough, hmm i'm trying. I just don't understand it's not that we have a relationship, we're just friends but friends talk to each right? it seems like he completely shut me off in his life without any reason. It drives me crazy

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    • I agree with above and below. Just talk to him and ask him straight out about it. If he's a good friend, friends do indeed talk! I can understand how crazy you're going! That would drive me mad with someone not talking and no explanation for it!

    • Oops sorry, just with the men above I agree you should ask! :)

  • Well, being anonymous doesn't help! Just saying.

    • well what matters is my question not me being anonymous. I don't come here often.