Jealous girlfriend meeting friend?

Okay so me and my girlfriend have been together 9+ months now (both 17), we love each other very much and have never had any arguments/problems really. Except sort of my other friend (who is a girl), who I have known a little bit before I started talking to my girlfriend. At one point, my girlfriend asked if I would stop talking to her - I said no because this person is a friend, no more, and I should be able to talk to my friends right?
I talk to my friend on FB (that's how we talk, we don't go to the same school/have each others numbers, but are pretty good friends), and my girlfriend seems to think she might like me. I don't think she does but that's just me.
Anyway, my friend asked me if I would be her backup date to prom, and I could bring my girlfriend along too (she knows I have one), and asked when she was going to meet my girlfriend..
Do I ask my girlfriend if she wants to meet said friend? Or what? How do I keep my girlfriend happy and secure while also remaining friends with the other person?

P. S. me and my friend have known each other for a year, and haven't met for about 10 months now.


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  • Backup date to the prom is a problem. Even if you brought your GF.

    If you're even going to contemplate this (instead of say no and never mention it to your GF), you need to talk to your GF about it first, with the starting position that you're going to tell your friend no.

    I lean towards telling your GF, so she doesn't get on your FB and find out about the request without having been told first.

    The only way the backup date to the prom would work, is if you were into threesums. And from your GF's jealousy, I'm guessing that's a no-go.

    • Thanks man, that's an eye opener. I should say no but how in a way that will keep us friends still? And thoughts on them meeting? - I think the friend wants to meet my GF

    • My GF would not be happy with me if I said Yes because she's jealous/feels threatened by you. If I'm ever in a position where I can help you out, without screwing up my relationship, I will. But I can't be your date while I'm dating someone who's not comfortable with that happening.

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  • If your girlfriend hear the words "back up date to prom" she going to think she like you no matter what you say. So if you do want to go with this friend, tell your girlfriend that your friend invited you and your girlfriend as her dates / guests. Say she wants to meet her to clear up and loose ends and prom is perfect. That way your girl friend knows that no one is trying to take her spot and she can meet this friend.

  • I think it's good to intro them u know. so ur gf know ur friend acknowledge she is the gf.


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