Girls, is It Possible?

Okay i'm 17, male and I apologise deeply for sounding arrogant and i'd never talk like this anywhere else than here and now but apparently i'm a good looking guy and at my school i'm the guy in my year who a lot of girls apparently find attractive. Obviously though there are better looking guys than me out there but I was wondering do you think it's possible for me to have a relationship with any girl as long as I have the personality, intelligence etc to go with my physical appearance. When I say any girl I mean girls who are looking for relationships.

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  • Just cause you're personality matches your face doesn't mean you're interesting. No offense. Like you could have a stereotypical personality that matches your face and wouldn't date you because she didn't like that type of personality. She might want a geeky guy you just don't fit that description you know. But you could probably get with other girls.


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  • Naturally a girl will take notice of a good looking guy, that is only human nature.

    What you mustn't do is become conceited and big headed with your fortunate good looks, and in thinking that any girl will want to fall at your feet.

  • I'd say that's it's possible for you to get with almost any girl, but there are going to be some girls looking for relationships who just don't find you attractive or are interested in someone else even if you are good looking, have intelligence, and have a good personality.

  • its easier to get noticed by a girl by being goodlooking obviously just dont turn out rude or arrogant; knowing that girls say your good looking


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