Asking a girl out but getting rejected due to the "other guy" (long read)?

So there is this girl that that I have always liked (she's 19 and I'm 20) . Both of our families have always gotten along great, we've known them our whole lives and have many similar interests.

In the last month 2 of her older siblings got married to their spouses. So this girl I like hung out a lot over the wedding weekends and had a great time.

During the reception she first asked me if I was going to come out and dance so I finished eating and asked her to dance. Throughout the night I asked her to dance about 15? times and they were all to slower songs. I'm a horrible dancer but she's really good at it. I made sure to get the last dance with her and then went in for a first kiss on the cheek and the end of the dance.

We have always been friends but never super close. She has always been nice to me and we joke around all the time, no awkward conversations or anything. While we danced we talked a lot and I mentioned a few times that we need to hang out more and she agreed. I got her # the next day.

About a week after the wedding I asked her if she would like to go out to eat with me via text. She responded that it was very flattering and that she would love to but some other guy who's younger than her asked her if they could date once he gets home from college (he just left). She said she still wanted to hang out but just not one on one right now. So I said I understood and told her to let me know if things ever change between them.

This girl has never had a bf before and has never even went out on a date before. Did I just ask too late? I'm still texting her a lot and finding excuses to go over to her house. This other guy is 4 hours away. I'm going to college as well but it's less than an hour away.

I'm trying to avoid the friend zone and I know she has to know I'm interested in her and I really do think she likes me. I think she just doesn't know what to do to about the other guy.

What are yalls thoughts on this?


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  • She used the other guy as a scape goat for not dating you. If the other guy was actually interested he'd be dating her, visiting some weekends, or something not telling her to wait till he gets back from college. So she's still single and just not interested. Sorry.


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