Why are girls so shy most times when I approach them?

Sometimes if I say something sweet to a girl she'll just kind of giggle and also most times I have to do all the talking and they hardly say much. It's so hard to get a conversation going out of a lot of girls.


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  • How many questions are you asking? asking semi personal questions can get a conversation going pretty well. and complimenting a naturally shy girl will make her a tad uncomfortable because chances are, she disagrees. if you want to say something sweet, do it in the middle of the conversation.
    good semi personal questions:
    "i love dogs. What's your favorite animal? . . . Oh really? i always thought they were a little weird. Why do you like them?"
    "i remember going to this one place (food) and it was amazing. What types of food do you like?"
    Favorite color?
    Favorite celebrity?
    Family heritage? (irish, puerto rican)
    Talking about family. they either love em or hate em and either way they'll start talking.

    Things NOT to ask to strike up conversation
    What type of bra are you wearing?
    Have you ever killed anybody? would you like to?
    Mother's maiden name?
    Social security number?

    good luck on having a conversation. and remember that even though this all seems a bit funny/weird/retarded to you, having simple conversations can lead to more complex convos because she'll learn she can be comfortable around you. Hopefully.


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