Should I look at the internet history of the guy I'm dating? And if I catch him in a lie, what do I say?

I've been dating a guy I met on okcupid. Recently, I noticed he was on okcupid right after he told me he was too busy with work to talk. I confronted him about it, and I said that he clearly wasn't so busy if he had time to go on okcupid. Yet, he claims that he hasn't been on okcupid for weeks and has no idea what I'm talking about. I'm highly suspicious that he's lying to me. I'm considering looking at his internet history the next time I'm at his apartment to see if okcupid is listed. However, I don't know what to say if I do find out he lied to me.


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  • 1. Think of this as you not talking to your friend but she sees you on facebook. Whatever.
    Have you heard of the saying 'familiarity breeds contempt'? Maybe he needed a breather.
    2. you're being clingy and overpossessive. MAJOR TURNOFF. i wouldn't be surprised if he was lying to you just so you got off his back.
    3. if you search his laptop, you are telling him 'no. i don't trust you. your word is shit to me.' not good for any relationship. period.
    4. you met him online. and no major bashing to internet dating, but you can create whoever you want to be to each and every person you talk to.
    5. Breathe.


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  • OkC is pretty shit for actually telling you whether someone is actually online and active or not.

    Internet history may or may not tell you something accurate, because if he's got an open tab (that he hasn't looked at for awhile) it'll look like he's been on.

    OTOH, that doesn't mean he's NOT been cruising OkC (to check out girls, to message girls, etc).

    Just saying, don't assume that because OkC said something that it's true.


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  • don't invade his privacy, because if he's the one who catches you snooping then your argument is automatically invalid and he will dismiss it.

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