So why do girls do this on okcupid when you send a message is it the message or am I that unattractive?

anyways this is a message i sent to a girl that didn't fill out her profile but had pictures

Hey how's it going I'm Maurice normally I don't go. off just looks. But don't get me wrong your a very beautiful girl I just like to read their profile to get a feel for what kind of personality they have

ok so right after she read this she deleted her profile


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  • Maybe it's not you. She might just use the profile to "stalk" someone. But, you need to make your message more personal to get higher chance of girls responding to it. I met my bf on okc (I disabled my profile sometime after I met him), and as a girl I got a lot of message. Many of those guys looks quite OK actually, but their message doesn't trigger my curiosity to know more nor it encourage me to let them know more about me. My bf message did and we've been together for almost a year now.

    I know it's hard to make it personal when the profile is empty though. So, just take it as a tips for next time from a successful okc fellow.

    Good luck!


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  • it's kind of an insult...

    • I know that's what hurts cause I start thinking its me

    • met my bf on eharmony and he was just like hey how are you. not all psychoanalyst and shit. damn, Bud.

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