I am going on a date with a girl I like, need advice?


So I met this one girl online and we got to know each other quite well and even met in real life a couple of times.

We clearly like each other, she always drops the hints for me to follow and also there were many instances where we argued but always found a way to get back together.

We are going on a date next month the two of us, but we have been talking for about 5-6 month now and have talked about almost everything so I don't know what exactly to talk about or even where to go? I am thinking about walking in the park and going to a movie or something? But I am not entirely sure on what to do or where to really go.

Keep in mind this is not my first date but I have had depression and have just started healing from it so it's hard for me to think and plan a date.

I really want this date to be special and worth remembering for her because she is very special to me and I even think she might be the one.

Any tips and advice on this is greatly appreciated!


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  • ... i would say dinner and a movie, or dinner and something fun like go karts batting cage , take her somewhere fun...

    • The first ideas sound good but where I live you don't just talke a girl to go kart and when we are alone and have to talk, talk about what?

    • ask her what she's doing for the holidays since the holidays are coming up , ask her what she did over the summer, did she go out of town, etc... go to dinner first then go to the movies...

  • if you know how to cook, make her a meal and be cozy on the couch watching a movie of her choice. She will love that if she's into you. Besides, it's been 6 months and you know each other already. It's time to move on to the next level. The comfort zone.

    • Well thats a sweet idea but my house is always busy with guests and people coming and going so that option is a no.

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