Why don't I have a boyfriend? What am I doing wrong?

I have a problem that's bothering me. I can't find a guy that's my type. Every guy I like either has a girlfriend or ends up being a douchebag. I have no male friends at all. Like none. I have complete confidence talking to a male, but when they approach me I change my whole demeanor. My type of guy is sensitive, sweet, and romantic. I liked a guy who had a speech problem but I liked him because he was cute as a button and he was sweet. :). I wish I could meet more guys like him. Anway, I don't smile at school, I don't talk to guys first anymore, and I keep conversations short because I'm scared of saying something stupid. Can you guys give me advice on what I should do and what I'm doing wrong? And how yo talk to guys? I will appreciate it. :)

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  • Not smiling and keeping conversations short might deter guys. They may see this as you being unapproachable too.

    Best thing is that you're young, there will be many more guys that you encounter. Good on you for not settling.


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  • > is a girl

    > can't find boyfriend.

    slow clap


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  • Why don't you try making dude friends before trying to find a boyfriend? And why would you change your whole demeanor when you start talking to dudes? Like a complete 180? I understand trying to hide your crazy when you first meet a guy, but what happens when y'all are really getting on well and then what are you gonna do?