If you met someone online dating, how long would you need to message/text that person before you would be willing to meet them?

I've been texting this girl I met all day every day for the past 5 days and I feel we know each other pretty well by now. But, she still wants to get to know me more before meeting me. Which, I'm okay with, it means she takes relationships seriously so if she ever is willing to meet it will be more significant.

How long would it take you before you were comfortable meeting a person off online?

By the way we have several mutual friends and connections so she knows I'm real. She also gave me her phone number, so we could talk more often.


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  • I guess it's different for everyone.. I've recently met this guy online and we chatted online and then exchanged numbers, he texted me right away and we texted non-stop for almost two and half weeks before he convinced me too take a walk on the lakefront with him, it was romantic, we didn't have connections like you two so his convincing was needed, I'm glad we met we still are talking and we see each other often, for me I just took that leap because I didn't want to miss my beat. Play it out maybe she'll surprise you. Think of something she likes to do and make a date of it.. hope this helps, good luck!

    • yeah I've already brought up a potential date situation and she sounded interested, but just not yet. But you guys were texting for 2 1/2 weeks before you met up, maybe I'll have to be patient and do that, she still texts me through out the day and lets me know when she goes to and is done work so she's still interested, I think I just need to be patient :)

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    • I got a date with her :)

    • glad to hear!! :)

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  • Depends how open and honest she is, if she's being herself right from the start and how attracted I am to her physically.
    I've met girls that I wanted to meet like 5 messages into the conversation. I've met girls that took a few weeks of talking for me to be like yeah ok.
    But yeah, basically depends on those things above, for me.

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