I like this guy but I don't know if he likes me. How do I know?

Alright so me and this guy have been talking for a few weeks now, we met at his job when I was getting a new phone line. And as I left the store I get a text from him on my phone (which I thought was to cute) but after he texted me we talked non-stop for the next few days. We would stay up really late just talking to each other, we would constantly snapchat each other, we we very comfortable with each other. He would tell me how special I was and how I was like no other, and that I made him feel special. But I feel like after one night everything just disappeared. We didn't text as much, our messages didn't last to long and he would take forever to text back. I tried to hint out that I wanted to hang out but it didn't really work out so well. He still texts me every now and then but I'm not sure what to do? Or how to tell him that I like him? I don't even know if the feelings are mutual. I need help please!


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  • You should tell him exactly what you think in your mind. "I like when we were texting more often, I miss you and I like you."

    I can see that he probably found someone else. Maybe he felt weird texting a girl he met at his job. Or maybe he was into you before cuz he was a bit lonely. Dont lose sleep over it. This happens to me all the time where I hit it off with a girl and we text but nothing ever materializes. Its pretty much the norm in my life, and eventually you become numb and let go easily

    • I want to tell him how I feel but I don't know how to start it, I don't know or think he has found someone else becausr if he did he would just stop talking to me. How would you go about a conversation like that? Or should I just wait to see if anything happens from his end?

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