He added me on facebook, what should I do? (read the story before you answer first)

This guy that I have had a crush on for almost four years added me on Facebook a month ago. So far he hasn't said anything, and it seems he's also not online often. There is a lot of background on it ofcourse, in year 1 we saw each other a couple of times, then it didn't work out. In year 3 I tried to date him, but he at that time didn't like me any more and treated me really bad (he tried to talk me into sleeping with him). It ended because he ignored a text message of mine. And I really realized what an asshole he is.. And now, a year later, he adds me on facebook. Did he add me because he regretted rejecting me, or is it because he wants to play mind-games? Is he on purposely not saying anything because he expects me to write him first? What should I do, should I write him or just let it go? He is 29, I'm 24.

  • Write him, you have to initiate contact aswell
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  • Write him, just to see what his intentions are
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  • Wait until he writes you, then respond
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  • Don't write him, or respond when he does write, he is an asshole
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  • Delete him off facebook, he isn't worth it
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  • I wouldn't write him, no.
    When and if he does write you, deal with it then... until then, I wouldn't worry about it at all.

    What are you feeling about him now?
    What would you feel if he were to message you to say hi and catch up?

    • Thanks for MH!

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  • Don't accept his friend request.

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