He said I was the best thing that happened to him. Was he serious?

I've been dating this one guy for the past 6 weeks now. Anyway, after a serious conversation he said that girls like me were rare and that I was the best thing that had happened to him in a long time (he has had some bad experiences in the past)

He also said that I was more important than his studies in our home town.

He was crying when he said all these things.

Was he being serious when he was saying all these things? Have you ever said something like this to a girl/guy?


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  • It takes a lot for dudes to cry around a girl, even one that they're dating.

    Assuming that y'all didn't immediately bone after he said such things (which might indicate that he was just trying to score by playing with your emotions), he was most likely telling the truth. You should feel special that he trusted you enough to be so honest only 6 weeks into dating.

    Some guys have had a hard time with relationships in the past. It's possible for guys to have their heart broken and smashed into pieces, just like girls.

    Lord knows I have.

    • Thank you. I think you are right with most of your points. He has had a few bad relationships in the past and has told me about it.

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  • My husband first said that to me a few weeks into dating, and still says it. I've said the same thing to him and still do.

    I would believe him, why not?

  • As long as he isn't saying it just to have sex then that's great. But in the first few months we are in the honeymoon.