I can not STAND my boyfriend's "Best friend" No idea what to do about it?

My boyfriend's best friend is a total douche canoe. He has a child with his long term girlfriend and though they don't live together, they are committed (at least thats what she thinks) He has had at least 10 or more indiscretions that I'm aware of. Im sure there are many more. He has zero morals, lives with his dad, and doesn't have a job. He is immature, and inflammatory.

I understand fully that my boyfriend should make better choices in who he chooses to associate with. We've talked about it at length. I can't decide for him obviously. He states that they have been friends for 10+ years and that his friends choices or behaviours dont influence his own and that is the bottom line.

What to do? I despise this person. Every time they want to hang out I become furious. I hate freling like a whack job. So frustrated.


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  • Are you ever in a situation where all three of you have to be together? If so I think the most you can do is refuse those situations. Not much more you can do without being the kind of person who tells their partner what to do.

    Side note: I'm totally stealing douche canoe.


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  • The friends of your boyfriend does tell you what your boyfriend is really like. Your boyfriend is influenced by his friend, it is they must think alike to be friends.


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  • He is your bf best friend unfortunately there is nothing you can do about it but maybe you should see things from your bf point of view in sure it sucks for him that you can't stand him but you should never make him pick between you just suck it up there is nothing you can do I'm sure he sees his downfalls but they have probably been though things you can't understand an that probably why they are still friends it sucks but maybe he isn't all that bad yes he makes bad choices but if he was all out awful then I'm sure they wouldn't be friends