Everything is perfect, except?

I have started seeing my ex again and it's going REALLY well.
The only reason we broke up was because of distance and I am still completely in love with him. There are a few issues:

1) my mum hates him because of our break up even though it was mutual & he feels uncomfortable about this.

2) he slept with a lot of people since we broke up, sometimes this bothers me although I know it meant nothing

3) I slept with a super hot & muscular guy when we were broken up and I know it's superficial but sometimes I wish my ex was hotter.

What do I do?


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  • 1) If things are going well, both your mum and him will put aside their differences.

    2) Continue to keep in mind that it meant nothing and is in the past now.

    3) Physical attraction is important too. You may get bored with him or not be totally into him since there's always that comparison with that guy. However, if you only think this from time to time, no harm done.

  • the "1" is the worst above all... those moms are really evil damn


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