The infamous "I would love to go out again" without any intention to do so?

So, are there any instances where you would tell a man/ woman "yes I would love to" go on another date, but didn't really mean it?

Let's say that you went out on a date with a guy for the first time. Everything (to him) seem to have gone fine, so he asks to see you again. Your response; "I would love to".

Do you say it to not hurt his feelings, do you really mean to see him again, or would you be direct right away if you didn't feel the chemistry?


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  • I wouldn't say anything like "I would love to" if I didn't like him. If I don't like a guy and says that he wants to see me again, I probably uneasily laugh and change the subject. If I like a guy, my response would be "I would love to", I won't lie about it. And when I say it, then I expect him to initiate the second date.


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  • If I don't know him well, I may tell him to call me or something and then tell him later. I've had some guys take being turned down badly and you're often in a parking lot or somewhere when he says that. So it can be nerve wracking when a guy wants to see you again and you don't want to see him.


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