I'm going on a date. Advice would be amazing.

So I'm about to meet this guy face to face. I know this sounds stupid but I've known him for awhile. He's real. I've seen his Facebook and Instagram. My cousin knows him from school and he's on the soccer team. We are starting to like each other. He thought if we met, we should go out to eat! I thought "Awww", but then.. I was in a nervous wreck. He's going to pick me up this following week. My parents do know about this, and my mom wants to meet him first. I am going to allow her talk to him. Once he picks me up, I am going to warm up in his car and NOOOT freak out because I am sure he'd be just a bit nervous.
If it ever gets quiet in the car. I'd probably say.. "If you listen to this song.. Do you know 'this band' ? " I don't know..
So I need advice for this..

What should I wear?
Should I eat classy and not order anything messy?
I'm going to meet his parents and he told me his parents are nice. He has a sister.. and I'm nervous about that.
What usually happens after dates once we meet?


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  • Keep your legs closed for about a year into a relationship and I promise good things will come is really the only way to plan ahead. You look pretty just be yourself and being nervous ok and his parents know all of this and will do most of the talking for y'all to keep it from being awkward. Just my opinion not hate.


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  • Order porks and raw meats. ain't nobody gonna think any less if u. Juz be urself and if they can't accept u for u, that means ur not compatible. U will want to be with sumone who luvs u for u and not judge u based on the little actions that u do. Feel meh?


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  • First take a deep breath, you'll need to relax your body if you don't want to cause a bad impression. Be sincere, always with a poker face (serious gaze), only simile when you feel it's necessary. Also don't talk or speak until you are asked something (but only when he meets your parents, and you meet his). Try do dress casual, and eat classy; order something not too expensive, and that can be eaten easily (I don't advice pasta, burgers, tacos or meat). Try asking your cousins about the guys favourite music, if he puts music and you like it, say you like it; if you don't, and you are asked, say is not your style... I could tell you more, but I'll more details. :) 😃

    • I mentioned the poker (serious) face, because I'm Russian, and we don't smile, unless we like someone or are in a good mood, the rest of the time we are serious.

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