If you ask someone out and they say they 'don't understand', do you re explain or assume they are playing and walk on?

Asked this guy if he wanted to have dinner -at our favorite indian restaurant - next week. wasn't out of no where. we have been hanging out a lot recently and we do have some history in the past. were both still into each other.

Anyhow , he said he 'doesn't understand'. there's really no clearer way to say 'do you want to have dinner with me next week' --then to just say it.. so i have a hard time believing he's 'confused'.

I don't know why he didn't want to just answer but i felt dumb thinking about asking him again or trying to be clearer. of course i was very clear so --

whats his problem?

what does he get lout of claiming confusion?

have you ever done that when you're not confused?

and what would you do if you were in my position?


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  • Maybe he means he doesn't understand why you want to have dinner with him. But, he sounds pretty dense because I don't know many guys that would question WHY if a woman asks him out. Anyway, just tell him take the offer or leave that. That should wake him up.


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