If the person is right, he or she won't friendzone you?

What do you think? My theory is that if two people are right for each other, nothing more will be required than a meeting between the two for them to end up together. In other words, if two compatible people meet and therefore like each other, they will end up together. The notion of, "If only I had done this or flirted or whatever, I wouldn't have gotten friendzoned," I am theorizing, is a fallacy because if you two were meant to be, he or she wouldn't have placed you in the "friendzone". And you wouldn't have "forgotten" "to make a move" or "flirt". If he or she was right for you, it would have all unfolded naturally, maybe not instantaneously, but in eventuality (so if it's still early on, don't lose all hope, but then again, don't tie yourself to this person).

In other words, you should forget about trying to do all these things to attract him or her and just talk for the sake of talking and if it's meant to be, it will happen within eventuality.

I also hypothesize, if this theory is correct, that this is the reason for so many unsuccessful relarionships. A lot of them may be as a result of one person "trying" to do something to attract the other so it wasn't organic and therefore, the relationship would be destined to fail.

What do you think?


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  • short of making sure you dont ignore the person or act like the sight of them makes you sick.. yeah i agree. all the hope to get them is all marketing bs and your relationship ends bc you're with a stranger. you ultimately realize you font like.

    thats why i dont like dating. bc people sell themselves in a short period of time.

    i prefer friendship first.

    i usually can tell when people are trying too appeal to mew rather than being themselves.. its a turn off. and i would never do that bc its so embarrassing and awkward. the crazy stuff people will do in attempts to find a mate when they could just join a group or class or meet people through activities.. i just find it so tacky.

    when i meet someone i know right away if there's chemistry. if they turn out to be a good person thats pretty good. then no reason not to give it a try,


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  • I can see where you're coming from. But feelings can develop too that weren't always there. That doesn't mean things will happen instantly or soon. But I guess that still falls in line with your theory. I've never thought about this.

    I've never had feelings for anyone who was "trying" to attract me. The only boyfriend I've ever had or even people I've genuinely liked since my ex leaving me is from them being themselves.

  • I don't agree with this. I usually start to like guys when I see them doing nice things for me or the people around me and until I see this - I never get romantic thoughts about him so seeing a guy that is attractive will not change anything for me.

    • I am not talking about merely seeing. I said that if two people right for each other meet and talk, they will end up with each other in eventuality or at worst, have mutual interest but not be able to get together due to other circumstances (but still may in the future).

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    • if them doing nice things is just for show then you dont really like them anyway.

      a person ought to be able to do nice things organically. not bc they are trying to get laid.

      there is a difference between kind acts bc you are kind. and kind acts bc you are horny.

    • I have never met somebody I liked who was nice just to get laid. They were all nice because they were nice people.

  • Nah, you can still fuck it up. I've had some amazing chemistry with two guys in my life and fucked it up thoroughly by not womaning up in time.

    • Elaborate. What do you mean?

    • I don't believe in "fate" or "destiny", we create our fate. If we screw up with someone we desire, it's our fault and a lesson for the future.

  • I think so. A good couple should fall in together just how two great friends of the same sex do, but with attraction too.

    The good thing about "friendzone" advice is that it propels a person forward to see if their feelings are returned. Too many people linger on and on with growing one-sided feelings, when it's better to know the truth.


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