How do I approach someone I barely know, who may not know I tried to ask her out?

I asked a girl out to a church dinner for Valentine's Day on Facebook this year, something low-key but classy, and I never got a response. I don't know if she read the message either.

I'm still interested in getting to know her, and "dating" or hanging out one-on-one is my preference. I don't see her otherwise, she's a stranger. How should I approach her? I want to avoid being dense, in the case that she intentionally ignored me (many other women my age do.)


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  • She might think you're a creep

    • omg dying how is this the mho

    • Your opinion was more helpful than the other two I'd received, and is the opinion I've had and been acting on for the past several months.

      That's not to say it's the advice I wanted, it's just the only advice that wasn't blindly generic like "become her friend first" (welcome to adult life after college) or "just go for it" (welcome to any part of life where you value your reputation.)

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  • If you ask out a girl you don't know - your chances of getting rejected are high. Try being friends with her first and then making a move on her.

    • If you ask a girl to be friends that you don't know, your chances of getting rejected are similarly high.

      If you don't ask a girl X that you don't know there's no rejection- and zero chance.

  • Be confident grow a pair of balls if u don't already, and say "Hey I was wondering if u wanted to... " the worst she could say is no. Be casual cuz u don't want to put too much pressure on her.


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