Someone asks you to do something you dont want to do but you want them, do you suggest something else or just do it bc you get to be with them?

i dont really care what I'm doing if i like the guy though id rather do nothing then something i dont like but other than something i hate it doesn't matter.. like i dont worry about boredom bc its so cool just hanging out with 'him'.

Now, I'm not going to eat monkey brains, but- though id rather just sit outside and look at the sky- id go to an accounting lecture if he wanted to ;p bc I'm not going to be bored in his presence regardless.

so I'm just wondering.. when you like someone how much does 'what' they suggest doing matter vs the fact they are asking you out period?

would you ever reject someone bc you didn't like what they suggested even if you really like them?

like say you've been watching movies all semester bc you're a film masher and they suggest a movie. are you going to get so sick at the thought that you'd say no. or just take advantage of the nearness.

or say they offer to take you out for pizza but you've just eaten the 250th slice this term bc you had no time to cook.. do you say no bc feel like puking at the thought or just suggest Chinese instead?

these are silly extreme example;es, but you get to the point:)



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  • I don't think it's possible to have to much pizza.

    I don't think it's possible to watch too many movies.

    Who asks someone to go to an accounting lecture with them? WTF

    That being said, there's no harm in suggesting something else, or simply telling them you 8 pizzas for breakfast and feel like Chinese instead. Why should you do all the bending? If they are into you they'll make accommodations.


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  • I get it but does that mean they can't do what you want to do? Are you afraid to suggest something else? Because if they were into you as you are them they would want that same closeness over bowling and Chinese food :)

    • lol actually I'm the one asking and my guy friends are like make sure not to ask this that or that and I'm thinking really who freaking cares. if you like someone then anything should be good, or they can suggest another thing. but to reject someone bc of what they suggest is just retarded.

      and yeah i agree. if i really wanted to do something else or not do that thing then id suggest something else. i wouldn't say no. if i like him., :)

      i want to ask him to a movie. not bc i want to see a movie but bc its relaxing. no pressure and i get to def sit near him for two hours, but there's one theater near me and I'm only off one day a week. I don't know if something we both really want to see will be playing... and i dont want to leave it too long bc he already asked me and i had to give a rain check.

      so i think long as the movie choices are not hideous ill just ask if he wants to see a movie. then we can decide which or hopefully if he'd rather not hell suggest something else.

    • Well seems like it's pretty much worked out all you have to do is ask!

    • yeah lol:)