How can I tell he has a GF though? I had a nice little flirty chat with the chef today during lunch?

So we were on lunch and he sat a little close to me, 1 chair away. He started the convo first and we went on from there, I asked him, what places he has been to here in California (since he is from another state) what got me thinking that he is dating around, is that he mentioned going places, like he pretty much been in the tourists spots, and knows a lot of restaurants. I mean I doubt he did this all by himself?


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  • My advice is the surest way to know if he has a gf is to ask. I know it may be uncomfortable to ask out straight but you can frame a question to him in such a way as to find out. When he mentions a place during conversation you could say something to the effect of 'Do you like to go to (name of place) with your buddies?'. Or you could refer back to your chat and mention one of the places he stated in the same vain.
    If this is a restaurant it will likely be easier. Be prepared for the answer you don't want though. Good luck.


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