It happen again damn?

Talked to this girl on okcupid tonight and it seemed to be going well then she just stopped responding


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  • Was the conversation dry?
    I personally get tored of trying to talk to people in dry, un-stimulating, conversation. Thats the only reason i could think of.

    • I was just talking about stuff off her and my profile being specific us going to school

    • Hm. That is some pretty basic conversation. I understand that when you are trying to get to know someone for the first time it is really easy to have little to talk about that is engaging if you have yet to develop any genuine interest in knowing the person. & how will you gain that interest but by going out on a date or just a meet up. I think you shouldn't look at it as her just leaving the conversation because she lacked interest in you but more so she wasn't 100% invested in the conversation yet. Unfortunately, for something you want, you need to work towards it. I recommend asking her to grab a drink. Have a face to face interaction - get some chemistry going. Move things forward that way v. online. Online has no personality. You, you have a lot to offer.

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  • Well shit.

  • Well, she obviously isn't the one.

    • But why even respond the first time if that's what your gonna do

    • What do you mean? I doubt she planned this. Maybe she started talking to you then she realized she's not all that into you. Instead of being mature and telling you that she's no longer interested she decided to leave you high and dry. Don't take it so personally. Just move on. This type of thing happens ALL the time with online dating.

    • I know but its bullshit

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  • Welcome to the world of hook up and dating. I'll be your guide