Why is it always a womans fault if she's single?

If you are my age and single people automatically think something is wrong with you. Have they not considered maybe that woman has morals? I see a lot of baby mamas, divorced women and I am not about that life. I want to be with someone who is hubby material not that will knock me up and leave.

now if I let go of my standard and dated anyone... people would say its my fault if something bad happened. For example... I hear people say baby mamas chose those men so its their fault they chose the type of man that leaves.

ok? Then why do people hate on a woman that has morals and standards? I have people telling me to change myself or pretend to be something I am not just to get a guy. Don't they know that attracts the wrong guy. Sooner or later the real you comes out after the wedding and that's when divorce comes along. How about I just meet a man who matches my personality by being myself?

If I am single I am crazy... if a guy is single he is just enjoying bachelorhood. Fyi there are just as many crazy guys as women. Look at these men beating and killing their wives. Do you really want that beside you in bed? Opinions please!!!


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  • It isn't always women that are blamed. Anyone that is alone can be viewed as having some flaw or unrealistic standard that keeps them alone. Anytime something goes wrong either gender can be blamed for ignoring the red flags that were present. You aren't a single guy so you just aren't' hearing or paying attention to what people say about single men. Single guys on here that complain about being single get ripped apart all the time, just like the women do.

    There are some double standards, but this isn't one of them. If a person is alone, we can assume one of two things. Either it that individual is at fault, or every other person on the planet is at fault. It is hard finding the right match, but it can be done.


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  • I agree with Ilikemadison completely.

    Honestly, I'll take it one step further: not all guys that are single are seen as "enjoying their bachelorhood."

    Having only had a couple of girlfriends, being self-employed and living a lifestyle that seems to be on the fringes rather than accepted has made me quite the "crazy guy."

    I'm sure people get over this mentality once they meet me and see how nice/gentle I am, but for the time being I'm pretty convinced that whenever people talk about me behind my back they're wondering any number of things.

    I wouldn't worry about it.

    To be crude: you're young, everything's still tight, you can have fun whenever you want to, you're obviously intelligent if you can have semi-philosophical debates like this and you'll eventually gel with the world. Like you said, be comfortable in your own skin and just ride along!

  • Some people were just brought up to think women are meant to get married, have kids, be wives, and repeat the cycle. You made a choice and it was a good one. Don't settle for someone or a life that's not up to your standards. I have siblings/in-laws/friends that are married, single, parents or don't have kids. The ones that meticulously planned out their lives and didn't get thrown into an unplanned parenthood are the most successful. The children from those planned lives are also better behaved and just plain better kids than the 'accidental' kids.

    You sound like the kind of girl I'd date. Keep doing what you're doing.

  • Never heard of it being the womans fault before that's new to me. How old are you


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  • I get what you mean. Most people do tend to look at single women of a certain age with a frown if they're 'still' single. They'll listen to your sound reasons of why you chose such and still give you a puzzled look. I've been there countless times and have stopped caring about what they think.