Hooking up exclusively?

I basically explained to this guy I really care about and have been close with for over a year that I really can't deal with him hooking up with other girls, he doesn't want any kind of serious relationship so I suggested giving it a try not hooking up with other people and because we both really care about each other, he agreed.
What would be the difference between exclusively hooking up and a relationship though? It honestly feels a lot like we are in one, we talk on the phone every day, hangout 1-2 times a week and not always in the bedroom.
Any advice or thoughts are appreciated, thanks!


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  • Sounds like a very delicate ice you are treading on. You are filling his sexual needs as well as his companion needs with out making him make a real commitment to you. I think it is great he is respecting you but at the same time, if he wanted a relationship with you - he would have or will make it happen. Don't sit around if you catch feelings and wait for him to make you two official. & for you, it sounds like he is filling the void of a partner - there is obviously a deeper connection that you have for him than he for you, other wise you wouldn't be on this site seeking advice about the situation at hand... no? Do you have feelings for him? Just guard your heart. That is my biggest advice. & practice safe sex, of course.

    • We actually have never had sex, just everything else and yeah I do, I love him. And there a serious close friendship at the base of it all, so yes it is treading on thin ice but I mean I have to trust him

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  • He already told you he doesn't want a serious relationship so by rewording it to "not hooking up with other people" is not going to work for him. The answer is to stop having sex with this dude, you guys want different things!

  • Don't expect anything out of it and also don't expect him to actually be exclusive.

    This whole thing sounds like a win for him and a lose for you. It'll be fun while it lasts though.


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