Guys/Girls would you be mad if your bf/gf was hanging and taking pictures w/the opposite sex (even if it was their job)?

So I have a questions for both the guys and ladies.

My boyfriend of 6 years is in a signed band and touring the country off and on throughout the year. Him and his band have given up so much for this and I completely support them 100%.

There are pictures all over the internet/facebook of him at the venues with his arms around girls. I don't care at all about it, I trust him, we have history together, and I know this is literally his job and future. He has to keep the fans happy, so who cares if he gets pictures with them or parties with them? All of the band have pictures with various girls and guys, so it's not just him.

It hasn't and still doesn't bother me at all, but my girl friends think I should be throwing a fit at him about this and that he's cheating. However, I think a majority of girls in relationship are WAY to suffocating and distrusting and somehow expect their man to only see them and only them, which it ludicrous; esp when there are beautiful women all over this damn planet haha.

So my question for you all is, what do you think? If your "other half" had pictures all over the internet with other people because that was part of their job, would you get pissed? I guess even if it wasn't their job, would you be pissed? Either way I'm going to continue not caring about it, but it just got me curious!

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I guess I didn't make it clear enough that I am in no way agreeing with my friends or am questioning my guy. I didn't even want this question to be about ME really, I wanted it to be more about you and your OWN personal relationships!


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  • If its their job, id be fine with it. If you have a problem with them doing their job maybe you need to talk to them and sort your concerns out- but the lack of trust now WILL cause problems in the future.

    But if it isn't their job, id definitely have something to say about it. A serious conversation if it repeats itself or Id just leave them lol

    • My friends think I have "too much trust" haha I never knew you could have too much trust in a relationship! Crazy girls...

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    • Nah I'm not worried in the slightest, honestly I've encouraged him to sleep with some groupie at least once because he deserves to experience the "rock star lifestyle" at least once. I don't give a shit what he does, because I know they'd be meaningless to him. I just got curious what other people thought because I knew my friends were being dumb. haha love the quote!

    • well alrighty then ahaha party it up! go ham on those sacks of potatoes

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  • It's something called "image", you know :)
    He does it because it litterally is his job. It's part of the whole deal with being in a band (especially if you're the vocal). He smiles, he laughs, they take a picture, they're forgottn within 10 minutes.

    As long as he doesn't flirt with them it's fine. If anything, girls like your friends just sounds posessive to the point of it being harmful for a relationship.

    Trust your feeling, and trust your BF.

    • I agree 100% with you! Though I encourage him to flirt it up haha I know it means nothing and it keeps the fan girls around supporting them. But yeah I feel like a lot of people dont seem to have enough trust in their relationships and it just creates unnecessary drama!

  • If the pictures were for their job i wouldn't matter but just to take selfies yeah kind of make me wonder

  • If you are serious about him it should bother you, I'd be pissed knowing my girl was flirting with guys and etc ( even if it's her career) it just doesn't sit well with me.

    • Yeah but then you also need to support them in their careers and talking the fan girls up literally is a big part of being a musician I think.

    • Pretty understanding of you lol. Good luck with the relationship.

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  • It wouldn't bother me at all. I would trust my significant other 100% until they gave me a reason not to. And like you said, its part of his job, being in a band its kind of mandatory to take pictures with the fans...

  • No, I would not worry about it. At the end of the day, you are the one he wants and loves.

  • I dont care if its their job... they should have their limit or at least ask u if it was okay or tell you about it so u can be ready

    • I mean I'd say it's kinda an already known thing for musicians to do that. It'd be sort of unsupportive were I to restrict that part of their career, dont you think? They have to keep their fans happy to keep their support to keep their career.

    • yeah that makes since