Can I still be friends with him or is it too late? PLEASE HELP!!?

So me and this guy broke up, it wasn't anythingg super bad. But of course I kind of hated him and so I ifnored him. We had said that we would still be good friends and all but then I blew it. I blocked his number so I didn't get any of his texts and he did actually try texting me but of course I didn't text him back cause he was blocked. We have talked like once and it was at this thing called "trek" where we pretend to be pioneers but that was really weird. And then I just texted him after that thing and talked to him for like five minutes and I said I had to go. We have said hi a few times but I feel like I have totally ruined our chances of being good friends still. i feel bad cause he has said idj why you have stopped talking to me" along those lines, anyways I really just wanna text him and be like hey, and he'll proabably be like uh hey and should I just be like I know this is random but I just thought it wouldn't hurt to try and be friends.. Or something I don't know any advice please?


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  • I don't think it'll hurt. He seems open to it. Water under the bridge :)

    • Thanks! And what should I say like hey, and the be like so I wanna give this whole friend thing a second shot if that's cool with you? Or something like that? Because it'll be weird if I just text him out of the random!

    • I think you should be casual at first, ask how everything with him has been and whatever. Then, depending on how you guys talk, ask if everything is cool between you two, and if he wants to be friends. What you have already sounds fine to me :)

    • Ok cool! Thanks (:

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  • It's not too late. Just do it.

    But I can't help you with what to say, just come up with that on your own.


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