Do you personally have a racial preference?

What ethnicity do you find yourself attracted to most?
Is it your own nationality or different?
And do you have biological sisters or not?

Also, does this video ring true to you somewhat?


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  • I like white girls and latin girls thats about it. I have a sister but what does that have to do with any of this?

    • If it's true that some guys aren't attracted to their own race (or to someone who looks related to them) because it seems incestual.

    • If a girl looks like my sister I dont like it, I had a blind date the chick was real pale and it seemed strange. But if you dont look like my sister and I like you everything is good then.

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  • Caucasians, typical Indian guy coming to America to bring them back to India. Or I'm genuinely attracted to them. Whatever works for you. Also, have a 350 pound sister. Anyone want?

  • I personally prefer east Asian girls both in looks and personality. Im from sweden and I really dont like swedish girls as a gf since they are so masculine. And I couldnt copy the YouTube url Im on my phone what was the name of the video?

    • "Do You Have a Racial Preference?" From BuzzFeed

  • I don't buy the video because I sit on a site for around 4 years and got nearly no reply's at all and none positive. That's why I don't waste my time on dating sites nor would I recommend them.


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