How do I tell him? Or am I wasting my time?

Ok we live 2 hours apart from each other but it has always been me who initiates meeting up !! I've backed off lately and I've noticed he's been texting me more and he's always the first to text me and wants to call me more , but I'm feeling is this just text chat !! I want to see him instead but I don't want to say this to him incase it scares him off , how do I tell him? What do you think?


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  • Hmm, well it could be that he is anxious and perhaps texting you more in order to bait you. But the best might just be to text him and say: hey, how about we talk in person a bit, texting the whole time get's boring. It's simple, but honest. It doesn't insinuate anything, but opens a lot of possibilities.

    We often spend so much time thinking about the perfect pick up line or thing to say, that we end up never saying anything. Just go for it I say.


    • Been seeing each other for a year now , he rang me to talk and says he wants to ring more often , but I suppose it's me who never takes the time to answer his calls , he's a lovely guy but make its me that wants him to initiate meeting up more but I've told him and he said we will sort a week end , but I've noticed that the more I've backed off the more he's texting and making an effort so maybe I should leave it like that lol

  • If that's the case then he likes you, GO FOR IT!


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