Random chance meeting, pleaseeeee offer advice!! Thanks in advance!

I met a guy this past Saturday!! We hit it off, drank, kissed, and I left.

Funny story though, he recognized me from an online dating site we were both on. Anyways, he swore he'd text me tomorrow. He didn't. All I tried to say to him yesterday was "I just watned to say it was really nice to meet you" . I know that I shouldn't overthink him not answering. But there's a tiny thing, I am not 100% sure I gave him the right number. I had an old phone number from before I moved to the place I live in now, and it was one number different.

I am wondering if I would look crazy if I messaged him on the online dating site and said "just wanted to say it was really nice to meet you the other night, thanks too the few drinks I had before meeting you I am not 100% I didn't give you my old phone # lol, my actual # , just wanted to make sure you could actually text me if you wanted to. Thanks" ? What do you guys think?

P. S I don't trust my ability to put his number in my phone accurately either. But also, he promised he at least felt the possibility of a connection, I just don't believe he wouldn't text me, even if nothing else happens


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  • I actually laughed out loud when I read your predicament. I think we have all been there at one time or another! lol
    Seems to me like your only option now is to message him on that dating site.

    • When should I do it? do you think. I was thinking like maybe early this evening because then it will have been a day since I texted him (or tried too) and two days since we met ). Or is now too soon? lol

    • Sorry it took so long to answer. Yes the sooner the better! Just keep it light though - let him know that you were wondering about the phone numbers so he knows you didn't just contact him for no reason at all.