I think a girl likes me but I have no friends?

There is a girl I work with who I believe likes me and many other co-workers have said they to think she does.

However, i am a shy guy thus I have little friends as I need a long time to get to know someone, though at the work place I come across as confident as I am comfortable in my surroundings, so I look more confident than I really am.

This has meant i am to hesitate to ask her out as she will find that I have little social life and everyone in the workplace will find out. However, i rarely get attention from the opposite sex and cannot be fussy. She is a very outgoing and social girl and has a bf. SO I JUST DONT KNOW WHAT TO DO!!!


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  • You remind me my friend, anyway why do you think she likes you, does she shows some signs?
    At work you are pretenting to be someone else. Open more to her, talk to her, know her better and you will see if she would be interested with real you.
    I know you dont want to look foolish with no friend, but believe me if she likes you the way you are she won't care about that and if she does then she is not the right one. If you like her then risk, its better than wondering, what if? Btw, if she would ask you out you also would be scared?


What Guys Said 1

  • Talk to her and get to know her. The only way to get over the shyness is to start talking to people in the REAL world.