Why do guys THINK you like them then act rude? Especially when you never indicated you did? But why be rude instead cordial?

why do guys THINK you like them and try to start bein rude? Example, i work with someone and we had a fallout (we were kinda talkin) then became cool again then he would try to avoid me when he saw me. And all that comes to mind is dude i would NEVER date you so why act rude? No attraction at all. Another guy, old friend, saw me walkin down hallway once (i haven't seen him in yrs) and stepped in front of me (he use to like me) and i was like "oh shit!" And we caught up. Then i told him one day we should do lunch (i meant as friends ) and he was like cool! Then i texted him my # so he could lock it in. Then today i saw him and was like "whats up boy!" jus bein myself and he looked like he didn't even wanna make eye contact. I also would never date him but its like they think i have a thing for them and try to give me cold shoulder when i have a boyfriend ! Seems like guys and girls jus can't be friends anymore. But why can't they least be friendly? Im always cool with everyone so when folks act dumb like that it hurts mg feelings like what did i do? Why would folks think i like them when i dont?


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  • I don't know people are different. im friendly to everyone regardless of status lol.

    • Ur cool peeps but i feel like man jus cuz im cool chick doesn't mean i have a thing for you. . . and illl be damned to change who i am jus so you won't get the wrong impression ! Even if i DID like you why act that way? i stay same too regardless of status. Its jus shame. Guess ill jus ignore them when i see them since they like to make things awkward

    • hahaa yeah and you know they may even turn around once they notice the shift in pattern.

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  • Because guys are never "just friends" with girls. These guys know you would never date them, so they're turning their attention elsewhere.


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  • Maybe it's because they both like you but realized they would have no chance so now they're trying to ignore you