Asked her out for second date?

So I took a girl I like out for a date, we were both a little nervous, but it went well though we didn't kiss. During the date I asked if she wanted a few drinks after the meal and she said yes. Afterwards it was getting late so I said I'll get you a taxi home so you wouldn't have to get the train. So when she's in the taxi I text saying let me know when you get home, she text saying almost home, then text saying she's now home sweet dreams. The next day I said I had a great time, she text saying she did too. So the day after on Thursday I ask I out for Saturday, she said sorry I'm going away to see family for a week on Friday and won't be back until next Saturday... Another time? I say that's cool, yeah I'll call when you're back. Have a great time. She didn't reply, but I guess she didn't need to.
So is it fine? She did say another time with a question mark so is it all good? Thanks


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  • I totally think she likes you! I know if I make it a point to let a guy know I got home okay, it's probably because I was actually hoping I could talk to him a little more! She probably really is just genuinely busy. Keep in contact with her and ask how her visit with her family went, and when she gets home ask her if she still wants to go out again. If she gives you the run around repeatedly don't keep chasing but in this case I think she probably just has things she needs to take care of. Don't worry.


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  • Seems okay. But as the guy, take an active role. Text her once during the week with something innocuous like "Hope you're having fun with your family! Look forward to seeing you soon!" That's it. Sending out 1 message lets her know you're still thinking about her (good thing) and that you're not totally hung up/desperate/stalking her with 10 messages (bad thing!) Then, when she gets back, you call again asking her out. But if she doesn't respond, don't keep trying and trying and trying.

    • Thanks for reply! So you don't think she's making it up? Should I see the another time with question mark as a good thing also?

    • Don't think she's making it up, but **shrugs** you never know. So just always put your best foot forward. And yes, it is a good sign. She wants to see how much you are into her. Always a fine line to walk: into you a lot vs. seeming desperate. So I prefer honest, simple statement, "Look forward to seeing you again." Can't be misread and lets her know where she stands.

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