so he like me? what should i do?

so i just got confirmed by some of you guys that the guy i like like me... um... thing is should i tell him i like him? i only see him at church... and i'm not sure about when he'll spend the night at my youth pastors house. (when im there)... and his friends are always around him and mine are always around me... and we dont have anywhere private... and i got my phone taken away... what should i do? what should i say? by the way keep in mind im REALLY NERVOUS ABOUT THE WHOLE THING


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  • I think you should wait until you get UR phone back because an important part of a starting couple is texting and calling. When u get it back you should go up and talk to him after church and if the opportunity presents itself u should tell him u like him. Just try and be urself and not make it weird.

    • Well wen I get my phone bak... it will be July 2015 :/

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