Going to write an original article for GAG later today. What would you guys like to hear about? Most upvoted answer by 2:00 gets an article!?

I love dating and could talk for years on it! That said, what specifically do you guys want to hear about? Please write your answers below and also vote on ones you'd like to hear also. At 2:00, I'll see which is the top idea and hopefully get that article up today!


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  • I don't know if it's too late, but I'd love to read an article giving dating tips to women who are over 30.

    • Article written and in the process of being published! I'll let you know when it's up.

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    • Sorry it took so long, but my article is up! Click on my profile and then on Articles. Hope you like it and it helps!

    • Thanks for MHO & the article

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  • About helpful tips on online dating long distance relationship.. how to know if there's really a "mutual feeling" in LDR since haven't seen or met in person yet..


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  • I'd like to see an article addressing the question of how useful it is to use terms like whiny, butthurt, idiot, pity party, and get your shit together when giving an opinion when more often than not it serves to just make the asker defensive and push them away from any wisdom you have to offer.

    • Does GAG intend to return to offering its users the options of writing articles?

  • I suggest writing an article about interracial thigh gap dating with a large fake penis.