How often has someone broke up with you but then started contacting you?

So how often has someone broke up with you and then started contacting you again? Not just guys but girls aswell


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  • Really broken up, never. But one story I will never forget.
    On my first working day for my previous employer, 16 years back, a female collegue insulted me in a way I just couldn't believe. It was a check-in job at an airport, and for the first time I was at a gate, boarding people.
    All of a sudden she just became mad. I couldn't even argument since it was the first day I did this task.

    The day afterwards she spontaneously came to me and I've never again received such a genuine apology.
    The girl explained me she could become very emotional in chaotic situations. And that day at the gate some things were going wrong, solved by no one. So she had freaked out but she was actually a kind and honest person.

    It happened just once. We talked about it and on the next occasions I did my best to take some initiative when things were about to go wrong... and got a big smile for it!
    We became friends and unfortunately we lost contact when I left the company.


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  • It happens a lot with me. Sometimes im the one abandonin them for a while.

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