For Guys: If you met a girl who... would you still text? If you were actually in to her?

Lets say, you met a girl in a bar A. A is pretty, you have a flirt you talk, and hit it off. You tell A, you see the possibility of a connection. But A is pretty drunk! A meets some of your friends. You tease A, and she kisses you continually until you mention your lack of like for PDA.

You PROMISE her you will text in her in the next few days. You say you would love it if she shows interest in you first.

A does you receive a text from her the next day, saying she really liked meeting you, made her night and recognizing she had a few more then ideal before meeting you.

Guys, would you answer A? Regardless of if she was drunk or not?

- if not, if A texted you a day latter, to explain she doesn't drunk like that ever, would that would that affect your decision?


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  • I promise to CALL, not text. Texting is lame, lazy, and anti social.

    • ha ha I guess my point is you would CALL?

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    • I haven't yet ha ha I was thinking about it. I will try and call latter

    • Exactly. Remember, he's a person, not text on a tiny screen. Use the phone for it's intended purpose, to call. :) People may not realize it anymore, but when you break the mold of constant texting, most actually ENJOY talking to other people. :)

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  • I wouldn't make any promises never do, but if I said I would text her then maybe call her some time if she can roughly remeber me haha, then pretty much see how it goes form there

    • Would you respond to her text when she texted you? Even if she didn't clarify the abnormality of her behavior? Should she? Would that help?

    • Yeah I could altest be polite and text her a couple times, if I feel she ain't wanting to talk and stuff like that will just give her the sapce and then just move on after a while but thats just me

  • I'd keep chatting with her, worst case scenario is you have a fuk buddy now (win)


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