Confidence sinking massively. How to get it back up again?

I just think I am really ugly. I really hate how I am so thin and look younger than I am. I don't think any girls like me and I doubt any ever have.
At the weekend my friend said I was unattractive, but he thought it was okay because he thinks he is ugly too as if that was supposed to make me feel any better!
I didn't think my face was too bad, I've been called cute in the past (although my mate saying I looked bad dented that quite a bit).
I'm so thin as well, I've tried to gain weight but it hasn't worked. I'm going to join the gym but I can't for 2 months as it doesn't open until then. I want to improve my posture but don't know how to do that as it's rubbish at the moment.
The only thing I feel I have in my favour is that I can make people laugh and I am short of friends. I am good at making friends but I am just useless when it comes to girls.
I just want to feel love like everything one else seems to be capable of doing. I just feel so inept.


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  • If a girl refuses to get to know you based off on you physical appearance than she's just really shallow. Don't worry about girls like that because their just dumb. You can't judge a book by its cover. And trust me when I say that you will find a girl who will like you for you because you seem like a really nice guy. I can say this with honesty because I've been in a situation like that where I haven't liked a guy because of his appearance, all of my friends thought he was gross but... I liked him because he was just a super sweet guy. I know its hard to disregard what others say but maybe instead of dwelling on the bad traits of yourself, start noticing the good things about yourself! You can make others laugh- you are a great people person! and You are great at making friends! And at least your making an effort to go to the gym-most people have trouble getting out of bed or just dont go to the gym at all! Ya know? And you say short of friends? Its better to have a group of good friends than a big group of acquaintances. And your saying your ugly? Dont think like that! One thing I do when I'm feeling down is that I change something about myself and no im not saying changing who i am but as an example the other day I got a haircut. I feel like its a new start and a new me! Maybe just doing something like that will help? Just tell yourself, that you have great traits! - you just have to recognize them! And hey, nobody is perfect so dont listen to what everyone says because they are positively just as insecure about something just as much as you are. I can list many things im insecure about, i just choose not to let it bother me - i focus on the things that i am proud of and make me happy! Hopefully this helped! You are a great person - dont forget that! Good luck!


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  • If you want to work on yourself it should definitely be a personal decision to do for yourself. If you want do research on the things you feel are making you feel bad. My friends say that to me too but just ignore them your better that :)


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  • Stop putting so much weight in what other people say about you.

    • I know I shouldn't but what hope do I have with girls if I am not attractive. I feel like it is hopeless. It's nice to be liked. With most things I do what I want and if people like it or not then that's their choice but with this it is different. I just feel like I need to do something or else I will be in the same position forever.

    • Show them that you don't give a fuck if they think you're physically attractive or not and they will find that attractive.

  • If he says your ugly its a comment from a straight guy. Why would he find you attractive if he is straight?

    • If you're a straight guy you can tell if a person of your gender is attractive or not. You wouldn't want to sleep with them obviously but you can tell that others would like them or not.

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