Should she have said I love you too?

So my friend has been talking to this guy for about 6 months now, and she likes him and he likes her but her parents don't like him so they're not allowed to date. So today she was talking about him and last night he told her that he loved her, but she didn't say it back until later that night when they said goodbye to each other. But the thing is the guy hadn't talked to her since he said he loved her and since she took a while to say it he was calling her a liar for not saying it sooner. So today she doesn't know what to do because she realized she doesn't really know if she really loves him or not.
P. S. She's 15 and he's 18 they go to different schools and only see each other at church and sometimes after school (if that helps)
But what do you think she should have done, and how would you feel if you were the guy?


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  • if i was that guy i would be torn because i know the girl i love doesn't love me back. he has no right to be mad at her because she's confused, and she has the right to say it whenever she actually feels like it, but then again he's heartbroken because he knows she doesn't love him back so i think she should tell him she needs time to decide her true feelings


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