If the girl you like asks you for coffee, how would you like it to be? and how would you react? :)?

He thinks i'm not into him. I allso wanna know if i should just ask him out, or be a little flirty at first and then ask him. I dont want him to be shocked if i just pop the Q and he'll say no.

  • Face 2 face directly
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  • through the guys' friend
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  • Over the phone
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  • Text message
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  • i prefer face to face but i wouldn't mind at all if she did it over the phone or through text, and if it was a girl i liked, it would be a dream, fantasy come true


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  • Be flirty, then ask him. It should be face to face.

    • we work together. Im always smily, we're friendly, get along great and laugh a lot.
      But, Im not the flirty kind of a person. Do you think I should still be flirty at first?

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    • How do i flirt but not too much bc im not comfortable with it

    • -Imeant don't go out of your comfort zone.

What Girls Said 1

  • directly face to face. thats the only way people shield be asked out imo. no room for confusion and you get immediate results.

    if he likes you he won't need a warning and it shouldn't matter what you do. he likes you hell want to spend time with you.

    unless he doesn't trust you bc you faked up his heart. but otherwise should just say yes if he's interested:)