Is he interested or just wanting sex?

I met this guy from online dating site. We are same age.

Before we met, he texted me every day but very short, more like greetings and checkins.

So we went out for a drink on the first date at a bar near his place at night. We talked but nothing personal. It was fun. After a drink, he offered to take a walk around. He then started kissing me. I was not used to kissing a guy I first met and I told him so. He said he felt bad about it and started kissing again. So we ended up kissing in the street and then he sent me off at the metro station and asked to see me again the next day.

The next day he asked for a drink at the same place same time. I was not sure what he wanted. So I made up and excuse and didn't go.

He asked to see me on weekend. I told him I could not drink and would like to have coffee instead. He said he couldn't as he had a work thing during the day. I had no choice but met him at night at a place near his home again.

The moment he saw me he started kissing me. We walked a while to get to a bar and he said I looked sexy in the dress and asked to see me again during the week. He also invited me to a party with his friends on weekend.

He invited me to see around his place nearby and I went although I was not too sure about it. We made out at his place. When he started to touch me, I said no. He seemed pretty ok with it and explained that he was not going to do anything but to make out. He then sent me to a bus back home.

He then texted that night saying that I was nice and funny and special and he felt comfortable with me.

We exchange messages twice / three times every day, but just short ones.

I am very confused what he wants. Does he like me or just want sex? Can someone help please?

He was again trying to arrange something after dinner (instead of having dinner). I told him I'd rather do dinner coz I didn't want to get back too late. He then suggested rescheduling it to some other time. Shall I stop seeing this guy?


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  • My girlfriend made me wait 6 months before I could get her into bed. At first I just wanted to sack her but her abstaining made me realize I loved her and probably would have never gotten to that point if she was easy. My advice do the same thing lol.


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  • Keep hanging out with him and don't have sex with him. If he stops talking to you he just wanted sex, if not he's serious about getting to know you.

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