I miss having gf in the same time im not really good in getting close to anyone?

The only girl who made me express myself was a girl i met online , other girls couldnt , now i want a gf a real one but i can't let anyone close to me i always have this feeling that they would cheat on me , won't love me for real , or would make fun of me , or disrespect me , and im not really good in expressing myself and i feel that i can't get emotional in front of anyone i don't like to look weak or get too emotional while the other person doesn't appreciate me what should i do? Sometimes i think that i lost that girl she didn't really love me but i was so close to her im afraid i would never find another girl like her especially in reality? How can i get over these things?


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  • Everyone has their own doubts, fears, and insecurities about themselves and their relationships.
    I don't like being emotional in front of people-some people are just like that.
    You seem like you really miss that online girl. If your breakup wasn't bad, you could try getting back together with her maybe? But it's normal to miss special people in your life.
    I think everyone doesn't want to be cheated on-that feeling is normal.


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