I met this woman three years ago at askfm does she miss me?

I met her then we stayed together for six months only met once but we were talking all the time , anyway she didn't use her account for two years and now she used two months ago and she changed the bio she put what doesn't kill you make you stronger , before two years she was putting a song i liked it was avril lavigne song even though she hate her , but now she changed do u think she thought about me after two years or not? Im only asking this stupid question because i miss her as hell and i can't talk to her i even deleted her number


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  • Why did you lose contact with her if you liked her? That doesn't make sense to me. Also, you can try contacting her sgs in, just to see what's up, if you miss her THAT much. Good luck : - )

    • Thnx but im not sure what did u mean by sgs im not perfect in English lol

  • Looooooool

    • So this is a no

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    • Lol sorry it just sounds funny
      But yeah she could possibly miss you, who knows?

    • Lol stupid me sleeping much better than asking this question people dont read minds right ;p

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