How long should I wait to date him?

I got out of long term relationship a month and a half ago (it was bad so I have no reason to go back). My friend got out of a relationship a week ago (they only dated for 3 weeks). We dated 4 years ago and we've always had feelings for each other but never made it official again..
I want to be with him while we are both single and can finally be together. We always say we love each other everyday.
I dont know how long I should wait to tell him that I want to make us official. I know we need to wait a while because just got out of relationships. but how long should we wait?


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  • If your emotionally together, you're emotionally together, and pretending you're not in a relationship yet won't change that.


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  • Just be careful this isn't your rebound/afraid due to suddenly being alone fling, it sounds like you would have a good thing together and so you don't want to screw it up by rushing in.

  • You've Waite long enough!! So do it or you'll spend the rest of your life wondering. Hell find someone else, don't waste time.

  • Go for it as soon as you get the chance


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  • I'm sorry about your break up, I'm glad you're moving on!!

    How long have you guys been "talking" again like you are now?
    For the three weeks he's been single again?

    • We talk, he stops by after work but thats it. He literally wanted me for four years and i wanted him for a long time but there were reasons i was scared to commit to him... last week I asked him if he would give us a chance and he told me no. After that he barely talks to me or sees me. How can you like someone for so many years then when im ready, you won't give me a chance? He knows there's things that were making me unsure if i should commit to him. But i got over those things and he just doesn't want anything to do with me anymore. i know he couldnt of just gave me up that easily because thats not like him.

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    • we've barely talked, he talked to me for two days but no more than an hour each time.. yesterday i asked him about his gf.. he only met her 2 weeks ago and started dating her a week ago, so i told him that he's stupid for choosing her over me. i got so mad. he barely knows the girl. like why?

    • Aww, I really am so sorry.
      Just cut him out... now it's time to grieve and move on.
      You will get there, but it'll be rough for a bit... but you'll come out okay, I know it!

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