Does he like me for more than the sex?

I Like this guy, it's just a crush and I get that but I'm confised and scared. I like him when we are together I feel like he likes me but when we're apart I get the feeling he just wants sex. we were texting and he randomly brought up that he went shopping and so I asked for what, he then told me that he bought staples plastic and condoms... I get that he didn't have any but him saying it like that just made me nauseous. I don't want another sex based relationship, I want a relationship where my partner actualy remembers that i don't like sex.

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  • Ask him! You only live once right? live life to the fullest. No regreats

    • I did it!! I told him I don't care if we have titels and I like him but I won't stand for being a booty call! And he told me that he would hate it if we became booty call because he likes talking to me and hanging out and he would hate to come over have sex and not be able to talk!! Thanks!!!

    • no problem. hope I was most helpful =D

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  • So you never want sex? That's the biggest part of every relationship!!!

    • Haha, it's not that I never want sex, it's just that I don't like it. I'll have sex, I like making him happy and seeing the really cute faces he makes. I just don't want to have sex all the time every time.

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