Should I wish him a happy birthday?

Long story short this guy and I met at the very end of summer (only had a week together) and quickly hit it off. We both found that we'd never met someone like the other but unfortunately he's going to school a whiles away and has only been back been to see me once (it's been a little less than a month since I've seen him). We're not in a relationship by any means, although it feels like we've known each other forever we technically only had a week to get to know the other. We talk briefly (barely anything) about once a week. His birthday is this week and I don't know whether or not I should say anything. I don't know if he'll be creeped out that I remembered. We did talk about his birthday multiple times, which is why I remember it, but I'm still worried he might think I'm a little weird for remembering.

I know this is a really dumb thing to worry about but I'm one of those people who overthinks and likes to plan things out. So would you be kinda apprehensive about me remembering or would you think it's nice?


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  • Go for it girl

  • Yes, you should tell him happy birthday. No matter what that's always nice to hear from someone who isn't socially obligated to say it.


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